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Aufsätze / Artículos / Articles / Contributions



Presentazione / Introduction    pdf


Studi Filosofici / Philosophical Studies


The Hijacked “International Society for Universal Dialogue” Must Be Dissolved: Monologic Sophistry versus Dialogic Intercultural Philosophy

Jovino Pizzi     pdf


Skizzen zur Ästhetik der Existenz – erster Teil

Sketches for the aesthetics of existence – part one

Peter Prøhl-Hansen     pdf


Studi Pedagogici / Educational Studies


Planung und Evaluation als der Kernaufgaben von der Managementfunktionen: Theorie und Anwendbarkeit in der betriebliche Weiterbildung

Planning and evaluation as the key element of the management functions: Theory and applicability in further training activities

Ikhfan Haris     pdf


Dall’emergenza Covid alla pratica del fare scuola

Le linee guida per il ritorno a scuola

From the Covid emergency to the practice of do school

Guidelines for the return to school

Caterina Merola     pdf

New Book “Extension of the Human Rights to Education”


The Project “Extension of Human Rights to Education” has been conceptualised as a council to the UN. Various social actors involved in the extension of human rights to education will work out different aspects of this matter with the aim of formulating a “Declaration on the Extension of Human Rights to Education” to the UN for voting. The project focuses on Article 26 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights which is to be modified/supplemented in the sense of a progressive enlargement. The original deadline for submitting the Declaration to the UN was 10th December 2018, the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This date is considered by management to be the time to fully develop the project, which is expected to take several years. 

In context of this international project the first book with the title  “Extension of Human Rights to Education” has been published in 2020. The language of the publication is German/English.

You can download the book for free: