The purpose of the Journal of International Studies of Philosophical and Pedagogical Sciences is related to the necessity to promote and divulgate the methodology of social sciences, with particular consideration for Philosophical and Pedagogical Studies, as the basis for debates, confrontations and elaborations with qualified university professors who operate in the international scientific circuit. The co-presence of these two fields is meant to favour the interaction and confrontation between a strictly philosophical thought and the thought inspired by specific requirements which come from the theoretical field of pedagogy. This scientific project, conceived by Prof. Michele Borrelli, professor of General Pedagogy at University of Calabria (Cosenza), results from the necessity to create a rigorous theoretical and scientific reference point for scientists with national and international notoriety, but also to provide a large number of people with solid and updated knowledge on various themes relevant to the area of Philosophical and Pedagogical Studies and offer the acquisition of reliable methodological competence. Considering the vastity of the field which this type of studies moves in, this intent obviously implies an interdisciplinary nature. In this picture, a part of the research interests not only the area of philosophical and pedagogical studies, but in general the specific area of methodological research of social sciences (sociology, anthropology, psychology, history, law and theology, etc.). The international Scientific Committee, chaired by Prof. Michele Borrelli, is made up of highly qualified professors, in reference to the essential curricula required, who operate in prestigious foreign universities. In such way, the Journal intends to cross national boundaries and for this reason it will also include original contributions in foreign languages in order to guarantee a wide divulgation modality within the international science field. The lines of scientific programming herein briefly delineated are intended to be the guiding principles of the science project which is the founding subject of the Journal. They are carried out, especially in relation to the great themes of philosophy and pedagogy, by qualified university professors belonging to the international scientific context and by specialists with particular scientific competence, which take part in it, whose specific skills and high curricular profiles guarantee the complete realization of it in direction of a project of scientific divulgation.